O scale Easy roller test stand
(Rollenprüfstand SUPR O)






        RailStand 於2019榮重的推出 三款全新的 O軌(軌距32mm)全功能的測試平台、展示平台和簡易測試平台三種.但鐵道迷. 第一款是全功能的測試平台, 可以測試各類型和各種大小各式各樣的 O 軌火車頭. 第二款是展示平台, 使用本公司獨家專利的隱藏式培林組讓您可以完美的展示您心愛的火車頭. 第三款式簡易測試組, 沒有平台但只要有軌道就可以測試. 這三種測試平台都有本公司獨家專利的第三軌地心引力導電設計。
    RailStand 簡易測試培林組可 以同時支援 3軌/2軌, AC/DC電源, DCC數位/類比. 只要在 O軌的軌道上可依各種火車的動輪輪距而調整可以測試各種大小各種類型的火車.

       In 2019  RailStand release three kinds of the O scale (32mm) roller stand, the first one is roller test stand, the second is roller demo stand and the third we call Easy rollers.
        The RailStand O scale easy rollers OE-rollers was designed for simple test all kind of the locomotives which support the O(32mm) 2 or 3 rails tracks, AC/DC and DCC/Analogy system.

- Supports 2/3 rails, DC/AC and Digital DCC or Analogy System.
- The principle of gravity to conduct electricity.
- Can be a test stand and a programming track.
- anodized Aluminum slot base.
- Special AC power structure is moveable.
release the O scale (32mm) roller test stand,  roller demo stand and easy roller test stand. One is roller test stand, the second is roller demo stand and the third call Easy rollers.

PS1: track and model train are option not include

Item NO. OT-roller
Price: US$160/4PCS    Special price: US$128


 The Lionel O scale Miki & Mini testing on the OE-rollers.

 The Rivarossi O scale 0-6-0 steam loco testing on the O roller test stand.

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PS1: Check RailStand similar different gauge roller stand.
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